Thursday, April 17, 2008


Are you disappointed with using weight loss and fat burning supplements and pills without success? Do you feel like you are spending too much money and time in the gym? You actually don’t need to spend a lot of money with supplements, tablets, diets or the gym when you can burn fat and convert to muscle in 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

Over 95% of people trying to lose weight today won’t succeed. The 5% who are successful in burning their body fat know one secret that the rest don’t. This secret is not included in your Atkins or the Zone diets. It’s not found in the gym and it’s definitely not in the supplements you buy.

This is because this secret knowledge has to be learnt. It has to do with understanding your own (individual) body’s reactions to certain foods. How much do you have to eat to gain that extra ounce of fat? How much of this food do you have to eat to keep that ounce of fat from being deposited in your body?

This is actually a science, a science of learning how your body breaks down food and exactly how much of that is needed for your health. What is extra and where do you stop? It is called the self-knowledge of one’s body’s metabolism rate.

Metabolism is the rate at which your body breaks down food into energy for assimilation in your body. Mastering this self-science is the key to success in weight loss besides knowing what to eat, what not to, and how much of it. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? No, it actually is very simple.

Now if someone was to show you how to exactly learn your body’s metabolic rates and reactions to all foods, would that help you? I’m sure you may be feeling that you are using far too much time in the gym or spending a lot of money on supplements. Get Burn the Fat , Feed the Muscle here.

Let me say one thing here-supplements and weight loss pills don’t work, period! The gym might work, but then nobody wants to live forever in the gym. You went there to lose weight, and the faster you do that the faster you want out. Gyms don’t come cheap either!

There is only one person in America who has mastered the art of burning fat naturally and safely without supplements, pills or chemicals whatsoever. He eventually won the Mr. Natural America and Mr. Natural North America.

His name is Tom Venturo and he is one person that can swear he has never used chemically engineered supplements or pills in his 25 year bodybuilding career. Get his secret weight loss formula here.

He has a Bsc degree in Exercise Science, is affiliated to a dozen fitness associations in America and is a certified personal fitness instructor.

He developed a totally natural way to burn fat and gain muscles called ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscles’ program. What’s interesting is that he actually tested everything he trains in his program on himself.

In short, it works telling from his massive muscles in his picture on the website. I mean this guy is huge, and with no performance enhancers, whatsoever.

The most important lesson I found in my very successful quest to lose weight, (95lbs from a 230lbs frame in under a year) was how to master my metabolic rate and work with. Switch it on into red hot fat burning furnace or slow it down to moderate controlled rate just like a bulb switch.

I also learnt which 10 foods are best for loosing weight and which are the worst. You also get to know why, supplement and weight loss pill companies are getting away with murder selling you useless placebos. Enough said! Get it right Here!!

Find out RIGHT HERE!!, the amazing results of most of his trainees that have managed to burn abdominal fat in colossal amounts.

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